Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Richard Dimbleby Lecture: Creative Science

Last night I caught the tail end of The Richard Dimbleby Lecture with Nobel Laurette Sir Paul Nurse. It really made me think about the way we integrate science in the work place and how we can use science to engage young people. I'm no ambassador for science, in fact I suck, but revolutionary Sir Paul Nurse's lecture was so captivating and down to earth that, for the first time in weeks, I came away feeling positive about the state of the British economy. He made amazing points about how we need to fund research into new technologies, encourage citizens to have a sense of ownership over the NHS and for teachers to inspire students to be free thinkers and scientists in their own right. 'School leavers should know the difference between astronomy and astrology'.

Sir Paul touches on the new Francis Crick Institute, Kings Cross (opening in 2015) that will be a hot house for over 1,500 scientists. Sir Paul's vision is for scientists to leave the confines of the laboratories and meet with the great minds from industry, finance, media and public services to generate revenue for the economy.


There has always been a huge emphasis on training up young people in the creative industries, but in this current climate, how many jobs are there in the creative industries? As companies downsize and recruit 'jack of all' for roles that previously would require specialist isn't it worth looking into how we combine science and creativity to inspire young people? It's about realising that creative science exists - it's just your mindset. I hope you find this lecture as thought provoking as I did, here's a quote from Sir Paul:
It is often in mixed up and chaotic circumstances that the most creative work is done.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Interesting take on Africa Hitech’s Out In The Streets

Whilst I don’t condone violence or anarchists that like to piss and whinge by throwing petrol bombs at police and destroying riot vans for kicks, I like the idea of people power and standing up for what you believe in.

This video was sent to me by twenty%extra – a kind of socially responsible creative marketing agency. “Think of us as younger Tony Benns, with less grey hair and whiter trainers.” Steph, Ansel and Sam have put together this video in light of some of the marches that happened this year around the UK and further ashore. “Out in the streets, people are doing more than shopping for new clothes and furniture. History has shown that democracy in action isn’t always pretty. Many are now realising that their democratic rights can’t be fought from the comfort of the living room sofa.”

This video shows the power of juxtaposition: absolutely bad boy tune with disturbing images of kettling with police and protesters being injured. A lot of this footage was collected on mobile phones as accidental journalism but it really shows how technology puts the power back in the hands of the people.

About the tune:
Africa Hitech is Mark Pritchard a.k.a Reload, Harmonic 33, Troubleman or Use Of Weapons and Steve Spacek (RBMA, Spacek, Curvatia & Vintage Hi-Tech). This tune sounds like it’s going to hammer you into the ground with its’ yawning bass line and delightful rave chords. I could hazard a guess that the Ini Kamoze vocal has been mashed up and reused to make quite a few different sounds through out the tune. Out In The Street is taken from the 93 Million Miles album out now on Warp.

Watch the orginal video directed by Sydney animation house Sixty40.

Africa Hitech


Thursday, 30 June 2011

RAVE RADAR: Free Festivals

This month I chatted to Emma Warren live on the Pick N Mix (NME Radio) about some of the countries best free festivals.

In a nut shell:
West End Festival,Glasgow
3rd – 26th June
West End Festival

St Pauls Carnival,Bristol
Saturday 2nd July
St Pauls Carnival

Pride, Brighton
Saturday 13th August
Brighton Pride

Notting Hill Carnival, West London
Sunday 28th – Monday 29th August
Notting Hill Carnival

Up Rise Festival, Clissold Park, London

Up Rise

At the end of my slot I played Space Lines by cosmic electronica producer Night Angles who performed at 93 Feet East, Brick Lane on Friday night.

Space Lines by Night Angles

Listen to the show whole show below:

Pick N Mix show live from Red Bull Studios London

Tell me about your party on Twitter @HayleyJoyes or leave a comment.

Friday, 29 April 2011

Modselektion Location Revealed

Tomorrow's party is hosted by slick future sounds collective Black Atlantic, who've given Modeselektor the reigns to programme the night at a warehouse location in east London. The Modeselektion nights are the brain child of Berlin duo Modeselektor who invite their favourite forward thinking DJs and performers to play. Recently they planned a stage for electronic Mecca Bloc Weekend and in 2010 booked artists for the Red Bull Music Academy stage at Melt! festival, Germany. The events are complimented by the Modeselektion compilations released on their Monkeytown imprint.

Playing tomorrow night: Modeselektor, Mala, Siriusmo, Benjamin Damage, Pfadfinderei and Patchwork Pirates.

Netil House,
1 Westgate Street,
E8 3RL

My favourite Modeselektor tune:

Black Atlantic


Monday, 15 November 2010

Bon Voyage

I'm off to Australia for a month to hang out with kangaroos and check out the night life in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and more!

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


These guys are playing all the music I love from 'future garage', as it has now been coined, to'emo-step' comprising of midi to high bouncing sounds with bass weight.
Enjoy this mix they did for Time Out.

Friday, 29 October 2010

My Birthday!

This is where I will be spending the eve of my birthday, I can't wait! For one night only Cable (just off Tooley St) will be turning out the lights and encouraging all to dress as zombies and bring a torch. The line-up is dark-side with Martyn, The Bug and Daddy Freddy, Reso, Raffertie and DJ Derek and more!

Will you be there to help me blow out the candles at the strike of midnight?

More details here.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Red Bull Music Academy Presents: Culture Clash Part 2

Still want to know who won the mighty Culture Clash at the Camden Roundhouse, Camden?

Here is a wicked roots and culture mix from the Channel One sound system... reggae legends:


Wednesday, 20 October 2010


I like all the tracks on this album and in the words of philosopher Larry David Lucky Shiner is 'pretty,pretty,pretty good!' Below is the video for Panda's single Snow and Taxis out on Ghostly.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

New James Blake Vid

Every ones heard the CMYK tune and if you haven't then you have to check it - like now! James Blake is a Goldsmiths College music graduate and is trained in quite a few instruments. At times his tunes almost sound like 'minimal dubstep' or as some have christened it'shoe-gazey-future-garage'- what ever it is - it is fooking banging! Blake is right up there with some of my forward thinking brothers and sisters and the lovely people at Pitchfork are hosting the vid for his next release which is a cover of the Feist and Gonzales collabo' Limit To Your Love.

A beautiful video for a beautiful song.

This video is produced by Martin de Thurah and the single drops November 8 on ATLAS.

James Blake

Tuesday, 5 October 2010


So I've been following this chic for a while reading her blog and basically being a bit of an online vouyer, but I thought it was about time I shared some love with they gal they call Naomi Shimada.

This beauty started off her modeling career as a catwalk strutter, clocking in at an graceful 5'10 she was a slim-jim who refrained from foody treats which, in her words, made her 'miserable.'But one day she had an epiphany and said no to diets and the pressure of being skinny in an industry that demands you to draw for the salad and put down the scampi.... Breaking away from eternal hunger and eating soul food Naomi is now a hugely successful 'mothertruckin' plus size model.' Inspiring to gals with curves and a healthy appetite Na-Na is breaking the mold with a lovable confidence, cute colourful outfits and a new TV show called Bitchin In The Kitchen.

Below are the first two episodes of her show shot somewhere in east London:



Check out Naomi's food blog here:

Monday, 23 August 2010


Another totally self indulgent article, but fuck it, I think Jahcoozi are unique, slightly rebellious and musically on point. Front lady, Sasha Perera has a contagious personality, a hypnotic stage presence and reps hard for Berlin. POW!

Video, Barefoot Wanderer Dub:

BPitch Control
Notion Magazine


So, it's been a while.. I was lucky enough to interview one of my favourite producers, Mr Paul Rose a.k.a Scuba and talk about his awesome label Hot Flush Recordings.

Here is a wicked little nuggety mix he did for the lovely people at RBMA:

Hot Flush Recordings
Notion Magazine

Monday, 9 August 2010

Major Lazer and RBMA do Carnival, AGAIN!!

And for those of you who want some fresh moves for the rave.. the move of the day is 'dagger' say it with me now, 'Daaaaguuuuuuur...'

This is not for the faint-hearted:

For more info about the party click here