Tuesday, 5 October 2010


So I've been following this chic for a while reading her blog and basically being a bit of an online vouyer, but I thought it was about time I shared some love with they gal they call Naomi Shimada.

This beauty started off her modeling career as a catwalk strutter, clocking in at an graceful 5'10 she was a slim-jim who refrained from foody treats which, in her words, made her 'miserable.'But one day she had an epiphany and said no to diets and the pressure of being skinny in an industry that demands you to draw for the salad and put down the scampi.... Breaking away from eternal hunger and eating soul food Naomi is now a hugely successful 'mothertruckin' plus size model.' Inspiring to gals with curves and a healthy appetite Na-Na is breaking the mold with a lovable confidence, cute colourful outfits and a new TV show called Bitchin In The Kitchen.

Below are the first two episodes of her show shot somewhere in east London:



Check out Naomi's food blog here: Nao-Yummy.com

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