Tuesday, 12 October 2010

New James Blake Vid

Every ones heard the CMYK tune and if you haven't then you have to check it - like now! James Blake is a Goldsmiths College music graduate and is trained in quite a few instruments. At times his tunes almost sound like 'minimal dubstep' or as some have christened it'shoe-gazey-future-garage'- what ever it is - it is fooking banging! Blake is right up there with some of my forward thinking brothers and sisters and the lovely people at Pitchfork are hosting the vid for his next release which is a cover of the Feist and Gonzales collabo' Limit To Your Love.

A beautiful video for a beautiful song.

This video is produced by Martin de Thurah and the single drops November 8 on ATLAS.

James Blake

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Stephanie said...

Fab tune..........
Cheers Joyes for showing me this