Saturday, 16 July 2011

Interesting take on Africa Hitech’s Out In The Streets

Whilst I don’t condone violence or anarchists that like to piss and whinge by throwing petrol bombs at police and destroying riot vans for kicks, I like the idea of people power and standing up for what you believe in.

This video was sent to me by twenty%extra – a kind of socially responsible creative marketing agency. “Think of us as younger Tony Benns, with less grey hair and whiter trainers.” Steph, Ansel and Sam have put together this video in light of some of the marches that happened this year around the UK and further ashore. “Out in the streets, people are doing more than shopping for new clothes and furniture. History has shown that democracy in action isn’t always pretty. Many are now realising that their democratic rights can’t be fought from the comfort of the living room sofa.”

This video shows the power of juxtaposition: absolutely bad boy tune with disturbing images of kettling with police and protesters being injured. A lot of this footage was collected on mobile phones as accidental journalism but it really shows how technology puts the power back in the hands of the people.

About the tune:
Africa Hitech is Mark Pritchard a.k.a Reload, Harmonic 33, Troubleman or Use Of Weapons and Steve Spacek (RBMA, Spacek, Curvatia & Vintage Hi-Tech). This tune sounds like it’s going to hammer you into the ground with its’ yawning bass line and delightful rave chords. I could hazard a guess that the Ini Kamoze vocal has been mashed up and reused to make quite a few different sounds through out the tune. Out In The Street is taken from the 93 Million Miles album out now on Warp.

Watch the orginal video directed by Sydney animation house Sixty40.

Africa Hitech


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